What is Holding you Back?

By: Andreas Obermueller

Did you ever ask yourself one or more  of the following questions: How is life so hard to me? Why can’t I succeed? Why are all circumstances against me? Why don’t I have the money I want (and need)? Why do I have this boring job? Why…? Why…? Why….?????

Jesus, I’ m sure you Did! *grin*

Me too, so nothing worse about it. It’s just human!
The important thing is how long do you ask yourself these questions! What do you really get, if you ask them for yourself?
What do these answers, you get, do with you? Do you feel better, neutral or even worse really “upset” and “depressed”?

Do these questions really help???

You know the answer (or you really should do)! Most of the times you get negative feelings!

So, wouldn’t it be much better do ask yourself the following questions: WHAT makes me happy? WHAT I am proud of? WHAT in my life is wonderful or at least o.k.? WHAT can I really be thankful for?

You see “WHAT” has much more positive power than “Why”!

If you asked yourself the last question and found at least one thing (I’m sure you did!), did you feel the positive energy within you?
Just a little bit? Yes? Cool! You got it!!! 🙂

Now you might be interested in finding some additional questions that assign more of these positive feelings within you.
If not it’s o.k. You now can stop reading here! 😉

HOW did I know that you continue reading here? Am I an clairvoyant? No, I am not!
But I am sure that you want do feel better and find some good questions that assign those positive feelings and gain your energy and power!

“HOW” can you find those additional questions? You already found the next one à “HOW?”

“HOW”? can I become happy? “HOW” can I achieve financial security? “HOW” can I find my ideal mate? “HOW” can I succeed?
“HOW”… (find yourself an example her!)?

What does this “HOW?” cause? You get RESOLUTIONS!

Your thinking flows away from your “state of victim and drama” and hops into seeking for resolutions, ways to start, etc.!
That is very important! Dou you feel the power behind “HOW”? Fine! 🙂

“WHO” can be an additional question. E.g. “WHO” has the information that I need? “WHO” can help me? “WHO” is willing to assist me?
“WHO” knows how to succeed? “WHO” is already an expert in what I am looking for? “WHO”… (find yourself an example here”)?

“HOW” do you feel now? Better? I hope so!
If not …. are you sure you didn’t cheat? *g*

As you see, questions can be very powerful!

So what questions will you ask yourself to start with more power into 2006?

WHAT is my goal for this year? WHAT is my next step into this direction? WHO is able to assist me? HOW can I find someone who is able to assist me in marketing? WHO else can find someone for me who is able and willing to assist me? …

Ask yourself the right questions and take action NOW!
NOW is the time to become the best person you ever were meant to be!

Andreas Obermueller is webmaster of http://www.hit4biz.com – a marketing related information portal that is built to assist other people in building, running, maintaining and succeeding with their own online business. He is also a NLP-MASTER-Practitioner and personally recommends Subliminal Software

Article Source: http://niche-article-library.be

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