Find article and Free content in 3 easy steps !

By: Ashish Thakkar
Fuss about web content ? :

One of the biggest challenges of a web developer is the challenge of managing rich web site content for an already designed web site.Some companies have a content development team which take care of the whole web site content matter.The team’s aim is to create fresh web content for the site.This requires lot of time and effort on the part of the team.Well, Not everyone has a content development team nor does everyone have the time to find free web site content and apply it to their webpages.It can be a tough job for a website owner running the entire website all by himself to find free article and apply it to his website pages and blogs in the form of content.This can be done and is an answer but it requires a commitment, daily time, effort and lot of searching just to find article relevant to the site.Content is "the" king :
PS: Fresh web content with text ads , adsense is one of the hottest money makers currently.

If you have any of the problems listed below then you belong here :

  • I do not have web content for my blogs.
  • I do not have enough content for my web site.
  • I do not have time to write web site content.
  • My website and service is good but i am not getting visitors because of content on my site.
  • I have a topic but i want free content and articles for them but am not able to find them.
  • I cant get my search engine rankings higher.
  • I am not able to get repeat visitors at my web site.
  • My website hits are getting lower.
  • I do not have time to find articles.
  • I do not know how i can get free web site content for my site.
Search engine are looking for web site content :
Major Search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo! are looking for high quality content sites that update on a daily basis.If you plan to write content for your own site then it will surely take you a long time to finish a good number of quality pages.Hiring a content writer freelancer to write good quality web content or articles is a good option but only for those who have a lot of money to give away.Even after that you cannot be sure that it’s your money’s worth and you will get good content pages which will have no grammatical errors in them.

Q:What do you in such a situation when you are out of content and articles.
A:You find article which are free and use them on your blogs and websites(It is important that you follow the rules, policy of the available article, example : Not changing the text or links of the article).

It is as simple at that.This is one of the best ways around to get content for your site.

To make this simpler there are tools available which will make the whole "find free article , free web content" procedure as easy as 1-2-3.

One of them is Article extractor for content by Jvw.

  1. Just type your niche keyword(step 1).
  2. Choose the article you want(step2).
  3. Extract and save/ftp it(step 3).Getting Free content was never easier or faster.

    This is surely a MUST for every web developer, SEO professional and Internet marketing people around !
    About the Author

    Ashish Thakkar is an Internet marketing consultant and an SEO Specialist.
    He provides training and guidance on Website promotion and email marketing to individuals and top executives.Most of his Web marketing and promotion softwares are available at .

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