How To Setup Your Site\’s Article Directory

By: ed Duvall
How To Setup Your Site\'s Article DirectoryUnless you\'ve been living in a cave on the edge of god
only knows what wasteland, you\'ve heard that having
your own article directory filled with relevant articles
gives your site a content rich, search engine friendly
site that will drive unlimited visitors to your website.The problem is how to go about setting one up and
what tools you need to help you get the content that
will drive search engine traffic to it.

The tools are the easy part, this of course depends on
whether you want to go the free route or pay high prices
for software programs to automate the process. You
can do it either way. I\'ll give you the free tools and a
method that you can use to get started immediately.

What\'s your first step?

The first thing you\'ll want to do is set up a folder on
your website for your article directory and article pages.
You can call thix anything you like but for this article
we\'ll call it /articles

So the link to it would look something like this:

Inside this folder you\'ll have a page named index.htm
This will be your main article directory page where you\'ll
list the categories your articles will cover.

You can see an example of how one looks here:

Let\'s say for example your site is about dogs. Some of
the main categories might be:

– Dog Training
– Dog Grooming
– Dog Health
– Weight Loss For Dogs

The best way to do this is to create a template page
that you can use throughout your directory so as to
keep the look the same.

Remember, the main goal of the article is to provide
relevant content for you visitors as well as attract the
search engine spiders in order to help improve your
site rankings.

You also need to keep in mind that you should spend
some time optimizing those pages for the search engines
so that you present a well developed directory loaded
with content that the search engines will want to return
to again.

OK, so you\'ve got the main index.htm page set up so
now you need to create a sub folder for each category
of article you\'re providing to your visitors.

The structure should look something like this:


And again inside the sub folder you will have an index.htm
page On the index page you will list the articles with the
link that leads to it. The link path will vary depending on
whether you set up individual pages to the article on your
site or whether you provide a direct link to the article on a
different site.

Either way works, and a combination of both is good
because it gives you outgoing links for the SE\'s to follow.

Once you have the basic structure in place and a template
page to work with then the rest is simply a copy and paste
process that can be done a few articles a day. If you add
just 2 articles a day you\'ll have more than 60 articles by the
end of a month

That\'s good, solid content rich pages that search engines

Step 2 – Where do you get articles?

I think you\'re going to love this short cut I\'m going to give
you here. You can get all of the Free articles you want
about your particular \'niche\' by utilizing the search engines.

But, you\'ll want to pursue one search method above the rest
because I\'ve found that it gives you very high quality, targeted
articles that will provide useful, relevant content for your site.

Click on the following link:

Once you\'re there then look at the upper right hand corner
for the \"Advanced News Search\" link, and click on it.

You\'ll be sent to a page with a form that you can list your
keywords to search for the kind of articles relevant to your

There are 4 different search types so you can experiment to
find the content you want. Google Advanced News Search
searches over 4500 sources for new and old articles that
can provide content for your site.

Let\'s say you do a search for \"dog training\" and it returns
60 or more articles. You can copy and paste the summary
of all of the articles listed on the pages returned in the search
into your template page or you can go to each article and
copy and paste them to individual pages that you host on
your website.

Either way you choose to add the articles to your pages,
you now have loads of fresh, relevant content for your site.

Copyright 2005 Ed Duvall.
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