Article Submission on Steroids

By: Larry Westfall
We all know the reasons for submitting articles online to all of the many, article depositories that reside on the Internet. Writing an original article and submitting it will get you massive exposure, your credibility will be enhanced, and you will receive quality and relevant leads to your website. The more sites you submit to, the more exposure you will receive.Submitting your articles establishes you as an expert in whatever field you have chosen to write about. If your articles have relevant content, they could be picked up by numerous other websites, Blogs and eZines getting you additional exposure.

Ensure that you use original content, write articles that are straight and to the point, and have something important to say. Search engines look for meaningful, original content and are quick to spider something fresh and new. And we all know how important it is to be indexed by the major search engines and also to be constantly checked by the spiders for updated material. A stale and stagnant web page will get nowhere in search-engine land.

There are many web site owners, eZine publishers and eBook creators that are starving for quality content and would jump at the chance for fresh, quality content. We all get tired of seeing the same old stale material on every web site we visit, so publishers are always on the lookout for quality material.

The problem we all face is manually submitting the articles to the hundreds of article submission sites. Having to copy and paste each individual field, different formats and requirements for each and every site, and then being rejected because of some minor problem. This is an extremely time-consuming and tedious process but well worth the effort if one wants their site exposed all over the Internet. AN automated article submitter is your answer.

So, make sure that you write quality material, your content is accurate and fresh, and that you submit your articles to as many sites as possible. In this case, exposing yourself is a good thing.

About the author:
Larry Westfall
Submit your articles to over 200 sites with just a few clicks of your mouse button.

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  1. I have a question: Does each article you submit to the 200 sites as you described have to be an original article? or does the same article get submitted to the 200 sites?


  2. Hi
    As you said it right article submission is considered to be greatest asset for search engines who are hungry for contents

    Not only it Providers the readers an insight to the world of different subjective issues , it also gives an information on how things work

    Keep it up


  3. Maybe I missed it but can you make sure that the articles go into the correct categories with Article Submitter Pro?

    I usually make corrections if the articles are submitted to the wrong category and everything else is ok, but some directory owners just decline them because it takes extra time.

    To ensure that articles don’t get declined it’s best to aim for quality as you say and follow the guidelines of the more stringent directories.

  4. As a article directory owner, unique content is king! There is so much duplicate content out there. Copy and pasting to all of the articles directories won’t do anyone any good if it is not original. Keep the original articles coming!

  5. Daringsearch is a website where you can write and publish anything for free.There are no membership charge.Its free

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