What One Expects From Google

By: jamia

Small Entrepreneurs Ain’t that Beautiful

Search engines like Google moves forward with a damn good amount of expectation from its clients. But what we see around gives a glimpse of negligence, a client should always be expecting from them. Now if that, as I claim, is for Google to maximize profit, it surely has to be explained with logical clarity. Let’s start with one of the most reported of Google’s deficiencies. Suppose you wish to sell a product quiet unique in its own respect yet not something that everyone would always require. You might have been thrilled with Google’s claims to promote the small entrepreneur; but then in the course of your journey, you realize that being small ain’t all that beautiful.

Why care for the Small

Deep inside the processing houses of Google, there they sit stretched on the chairs, are made to mingle with men of the same thoughts and habits, the outside world slowly fading with the glamour of the lights inside. They hence might not feel that it is worthy of addressing the queries of a small entrepreneur. He is now struck with a problem. His product was decided to be sold online, using a Google ad campaign, with target words hard enough to enable clients to each him, or as he believed. However, Google says that the person in question has words with low “quality scores”. He should hence be penalized with higher word costs. An ad with a low “quality score” was often disabled by Google which our friend was unlucky to have. Probably if you pay more, your ads have a greater chance to remain but with less success, which shall force people like our entrepreneur to close the deal with Google.

Be Large to Campaign

Google’s system works less with key words and more with campaigns. In a campaign when you have a keyword performing poorly, the rest of the words get affected with it. This necessitates targeting the campaign than the keywords for which the need of the day shall be to turn into a big advertiser with a broad range of items.

If that does explain quite a big fallacy of Google search engine operations, then the prevailing click frauds shall appear more disgusting. When Google makes money each time someone clicks the ads, there remains a chance that a fraud could click and click yet buy nothing out of those ads. While the advertiser is charged with a hefty bill as rent for Google, his product still remains unsold or probably undersold in the ad world. Google in most cases have proposed to make things right but has been hazy in its actions. This is where one stops over to think right about the claims and demeanor of Google- what has been stated by this search engine yet remains to be verified.

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Article Source: www.niche-article-library.be


How do I know these things? Because Google has been open about what they are looking for. These are not theories based on observations; these are things that Google has discussed openly through employees, at conferences.

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