Internet Marketing Article Secrets

by: Mark Abrahams

I do internet marketing of my online business using article marketing as my primary method of lead generation. Now the reason I do this is that I like to keep things simple. The more convoluted your business model the easier it is to slip up. Before I was doing search engine optimization, ffa marketing, banner adverts, ppc and ezine marketing. These methods do work, but with the increase in competition they are becoming a lot more difficult to get effective results. I could spend hours optimizing my web site and with a new Google algorithm change my rankings could suffer. Alternatively if I used one of the other methods of marketing I would not see a profit immediately. Article marketing if used properly as a long term term strategy for marketing your articles will provide you with so much leads that you will not have the time to even promote your business using the other methods and it is free too.

When I first started with article marketing I really struggled to write good quality articles that would get accepted by the high quality article directories. The reason for this is that with any new skill that you learn you need to practise until you get very good at. Writing did not come naturally, but with practice I have become quite good at it. Now I enjoy marketing my internet business using articles as it is a lot more fun. Before I was using a lot of other methods for traffic generation, but I found them to be very frustrating.

The big advantage of using article marketing over the other methods of traffic generation is that your leads are a lot more qualified. For a visitor that reads your article to click on your web site they must really be interested in what you say. What I found is that these leads convert a lot better. So even though I get less leads than a lot of other methods of traffic generation these leads are highly targeted and convert so much better.

If you spend time sufficient time doing things properly to market your internet business using article marketing you can easily create a profitable business generating thousands of dollars of profit a month.

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Mark Abrahams is a full time internet marketer who has helped others to earn a living online.

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  1. Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi


    When you feel dispirited because of the alarming amount of time it takes to uncover what you\’re searching for, relax because you are one step closer to your goal.

  3. Hi Mark

    Great article and very true – I like that articles bring pre-qualified visitors to your site – the best kind of targeted traffic you can get.

    Another tip I found is related to article marketing submission software – a great way to get unique versions of your article across the net.

  4. hey.. nice post man.

  5. Very well said. I for no reason considered I would agree with this thoughts and opinions, however I’m starting to view things from a different view. I have got to research much more on that as it would seem really exciting. One issue I don’t understand though is how almost everything is associated together.

  6. Great information! Was very refreshing.

  7. Scatalogical? Why, because I said my old office smelled like ass? Click

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