Home Business Articles

By: Donna Sweat
The following articles are available by autoresponder.Title: Home Biz Tips- Some do’s and don’ts if you run a business
from your home.

Title: An Inside Look at Proofreading.- The basic mistakes and
errors made when we check our work for accuracy. What to look

Title: Ah….R-E-A-D-I-N-G? Do Folks Still Read?- Do you really read your mail? or scan through it? Check this article out to see what you might be missing.

Title: Which Affiliate Program is for Real?- Affiliate programs are a dime a dozen, but which one will make you money? This is a bit of what to look for in choosing that money maker.

Title: You Can Succeed Working at Home. Don’t Let the Experts Tell You Otherwise.- Misconceptions about the work at home person. Experts claim we can’t do it. I am doing it as a work at home mom!

Title: Trials and Tribulations of a Confused Computer-
Be aware your pc can break down at any given time and without notice.
Just a list of those little bugs and ideas to keep your pc in shape for

Title: What’s in a Listing? Do a Search of your Site or Ezine.
Have you ever done a search for your ezine? This article relates to some
of the stumbling blocks you will find when doing so.

Title: Does Your Site Qualify for a Web Site Award?
Have you ever tried for a website award? It brings prestige to a business
and makes your customers have more faith in you. This article will help
you change or upgrade your website to qualify for the prestigious award.

About the Author

The following articles are written by a home-based publisher/editor.
Donna Sweat has a home business website, and free newsletter.
She also offers proofreading, editing, and typing services and writes
home-business related articles.Also listed here are affiliate programs,
low-cost classifieds, and an ezine list.
You may email her at mailto:donna@sosbbs.com
or visit her site at http://www.homebiandmore.homestead.com

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10 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Submit Articles…

By: Anik Singal
I see affiliates complain all the time about a lack of traffic and how they think “it’s too hard” to get qualified traffic, etc… But then when I ask them one simple question, 98% of them never answer correctly.I ask them “Are you submitting articles?” They answer “no…”Well, how can you run an affiliate business if you’re not using one of the best forms of traffic generators in the business! Submitting articles is one of the best ways to guarantee yourself mass amounts of traffic that lasts forever!

Here are 10 reasons off of the top of my head of why you should be submitting articles…

  1. You'll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. You could include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box.
  2. You will become known as an expert on the topics you write about. This will give you and your business extra credibility which will help you compete against your competition.
  3. Your article might also be placed on the publisher's home page. If they publish each issue on their home page this will give you some extra exposure.
  4. You might get extra exposure if the e-zine publisher archives their e-zine on their site. People might want to read the back issues before they make the decision to subscribe.
  5. You’ll get free advertising. This will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of advertising. You could buy advertisements in other e-zines that don't publish your articles.
  6. You might get extra income from people wanting to hire you to write other articles, books, or even ask to speak at seminars. This is a great way to multiply your income.
  7. You could allow e-zine publishers to publish your articles in their free e-books. Since people give them away, your advertising could multiply all over the internet.
  8. You’ll get your article published all over the web when you submit it to an e-zine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. They'll allow their visitors to republish your article.
  9. You'll gain people's trust. If they read your article and like it, they won't be as hesitant to buy your product or service. You will then be able to increase your profits.
  10. You could get your article guaranteed to run in an e-zine. You could agree to run one of their articles in your e-zine if, in exchange, they run yours in their e-zine. It's a win/win situation.

Honestly, if I wanted, I could just keep on going! If you’re struggling with traffic or just want to MORE – start submitting articles immediately.

Copyright 2005 Anik Singal

About The Author
This article is written by Anik Singal, founder of AffiliateClassroom.com.

Anik Singal has developed his own affiliate system that helped him earn well over $10,466 in just 60 days. Now, he's looking for a few students to train one step at a time.


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How To Write Your Make Money Article

By: Jeff Schuman
How To Write Your Make Money Article
Written By Jeff SchumanFirst of all keep in mind that you are writing for your audience not for yourself.
Make your article simple and easy to follow. Stick to the point of your article.

You can win a Noble Prize another time. For now just be informative
and if possible be enjoyable.

Some basic things to keep in mind when writing your article.

1. Try and keep your article 600-800 words in length.
2. Take the time check for spelling and grammar errors.
3. Read your article over. Then take a break and read it again.
4. How to articles, tips, top 10 list etc. make for a good title.

I like to use the AIDA format when I am outlining my article.

1. Attention
2. Interest
3. Desire
4. Action

Here are 4 easy steps to follow when writing your article.

1. Introduction….Attention! Here is what my article is about
2. Body….Create interest in your subject
3. Conclusion….Desire to have or learn more
4. Resource Box…Call to action. Your classified ad on you.


This can be as short as one sentence. Your goal here is to
tell your readers what they can expect in your article. Get their attention.

The Body

Be interesting.

Keep the focus on the content you are writing about.
Don't jump around and get off of the topic of your article.

This can be as long as you need it to be to cover
all of the key points you are trying to convey to your audience.

Use bullet points to highlight key content.

Fill the body up with keywords that relate to the topic you are writing about.
Search engines crave fresh content and keywords help draw attention to your article.

The Conclusion

It can be a whole paragraph or it can be one short sentence.
Your goal is to finish your article and let the reader know there is nothing
else to be said.

If you are writing an article that is pursuading your reader to take further
action then you want to do that in the conclusion. Give them the desire
to take another step.

The Resource Box.

Can you explain what you do or what you sell in 5 lines of no
more that 60 characters each. This is a great place to promote
yourself, your website, your newsletter, an eBook etc.

The resource box is basically a classified ad that in a non-threatening
way leads your reader to want to learn more.

If you want to make money at home writing articles is a great way to do it.
It is also an inexpensive way to do it. In our next article we will talk about
getting your article read and some of the best places to submit your article online.

About the Author

Jeff Schuman helps people make money online
and make money at home with his 4 websites.

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Promoting your Affiliate Programs with Articles

By: Vickie J Scanlon
If you are not creating articles for your website and your affiliate programs, you should. Why? Even though it may seem like a lot of work, and it may take you time to build — articles add a valuable commodity to your site — content. And my friend, the search engines and people alike are always on the lookout for good content.If you are creating articles, you are always looking to find ways to get your article out to the masses – and the more exposure your article has the greater the opportunity that people will read your article and want to visit your website. Should you submit your articles manually or should you use an article marketer submission service that will choose for you — where your article goes? Is an article submission service a good option for you when submitting articles? I hope to show you both the pros and cons of this service and let you be the judge.

Pro to Article Submission Service

Article Submission Service can be a great help when your time is limited and you want to get your articles to all the article sites and groups. However, when the service is tiered, based on what you pay and don’t pay – you have to be aware of what you are getting..

All services give you a sampling with a free service – and I did find the free service to be on the, well, expected side. After submitting to the free service of an article submission service I received the following:

1. I received several emails that stated my article had been received by a site and would be looked at. This is usual, and a good sign.

2. I received emails from the yahoo groups, which is a good sign but I didn’t partake because I knew that I would be receiving articles from other authors on a regular basis and did not want to overwhelm my private email address. Thus, be aware, use a yahoo email address and keep your private email address separate.

The article submission to the article sites such as Ezine Articles (Which, by the way, is one of my favorite sites) and Go Articles will require a small outlay of money for each article on a monthly basis. Thus, I would use a submission service if:

1. I had a separate email address to catch the other authors’ articles that I would be receiving from the yahoo groups.

2. I wanted to part with my money to take advantage of the service.

3. Needed more time.

4. I have a desire for a wider exposure of my articles and thus, more traffic to my site.

Cons of Using an Article Admission Service

When looking at anything new, you must determine when it is to your advantage to use a service or to do it yourself. These are some of the issues I would have to overcome:

1. If I do the submission myself, I know that the article or articles have reached it expected destination or destinations – but the exposure my article gets will be limited by the sites that I know.

2. If I’m restricted by General Titles will the article sites kick my article out because of not possibly abiding by the rules.

3. If I do it myself, I can target my article to the specific, intended audience.

For me, I will use the paid submission service when I am low on time and I have the money in hand. However, I will not waste my time on the free service because the return is very limited and from what I have seen offers little benefit to my site.

To conclude, you need to try different methods of getting your articles out to the masses. And the success of these different methods is dependent on your own satisfaction or lack there of, of the results rendered by such services. My advise, experiment and determine for yourself what services will help your business, who knows, that one service may be the punch in the arm your business needs to grow. And if you want to try an article submission service or would like additional information, you can go to my site at http://www.myaffiliateplace.biz/Affiliate_Free_Tools.htm and take a look at the Article Submission Service and what it has to offer for yourself.

To your success.

About The Author
Vickie J Scanlon has a BBA degree in Administrative Management and Marketing. Visit her site at: http://www.myaffiliateplace.biz for free tools, articles, ebooks, how to info, affiliate opportunities, services and products – to meet your budget and needs

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This Is A Money Making Article

   by Steve Gillman 

Is this a money making article? Watch it make money. It is an article about writing an article that makes money. Once I have written it, I will then give away the article. Maybe it seems like one of the more unusual ways to make money, but it is right in line with the way the internet works.

Creating A Money Making Article

1. First you have to write a title that catches attention and has the right keywords in it. This has the keyword phrase "money making article," and apparently caught your attention. Make the title relevant to the article content, of course, or the reader will feel tricked, and may stop reading.

2. Have a short description that pulls the reader in. You might use the first couple sentences of the article for this. Tell the readers what they will find in the article, and leave them curious. You read this far, so that seems to be working.

3. Have useful information or good stories. It is even better if you have both.

4. Put the keywords in the body of the article, and in sub-headings, so search engines can find your article. Note that I used "money making article" in the sub-heading above, and I just used it again.

5. Create an "authors resource box" that makes the reader want to visit your site. Talk very little about yourself and more about why the reader should go to your web site. I'll be watching to see how well mine works in this case. Be sure the link to your website works.

6. Make money from visitors to your site. You could be selling your own products, or getting a commission for selling other people's products, or just be getting paid for the advertising there.

7. Submit your article to the best article directories on the web. This is where you "give away" your articles. Directory visitors read them there, and other web site owners take them and use them. Generally, they can't change a word in your article, and they have to make that link to your site (in the author's resource box) active. This is how you get traffic to your website.

8. Let the readers learn something, but let them know there is more. This gets them to your site, to learn more. For example, I outlined the basic process above, but I'm leaving out the list of the best article directories to submit to. Of course, in the resource box I will mention that it is on my website. This is how you create a money making article.

Steve Gillman has studied unusual ways to make money for thirty years. To learn more, and to get a list of the best article directories, visit his website, Unusual Ways To Make Money: http://www.UnusualWaysToMakeMoney.com

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Can I publish articles too?

By: Benjamin Wigoder
Can I publish articles too?It was only a couple of days ago I thought to myself, having read dozens of articles about article publishing, why don't I give it a try? Article publishing is the latest craze to hit the internet, but it is so much easier than you probably think!Benefits of article marketing: You gain 1-way links from many related sites back to yours. Your link is targeted and therefore quality because it points from a relevant article. You can showcase or mention at least one of your products. It help spreads your company's reputation across the web. Your article will continue to be reprinted without any further input! What can I write about?

Anything! Any topic you have advanced or professional knowledge of, from gardening or caring for pets to SEO it does not matter! As long as you write well, and your article is interesting and original, you cannot lose! 

Target, target & target!As with any marketing, you have to target your article! Don't forget who your audience is, and like any SEO, set out the keywords you wish to use in advance, then you can tweak your article to perfection before you publish it.Its about volume!

The more targeted visitors to your site the more potential sales (obviously!) – your article will spread the web so quickly and you can expect a small boost to visitors each time you publish an article. This means you should publish articles regularly! Keep writing more and more, relevant to the latest issues in the topic you specialize in, and before long not only will you be making more sales but you will become a recognized expert in your field!

The inevitable search engine benefit!

When the search engines see more and more 1-way links back to your site building up over time, your search engine positions will rise higher and higher! Whichever way you look at articles, you cannot lose!

So what do I do? Write your article.Write your 'about the author' box, take a look at how other people do this before deciding on yours, I change mine for each article.Visit http://www.goarticles.com – complete the quick sign up – and publish your article in the corresponding category.Conclusion

Well there you have it – Article Publishing in a nutshell! Just remember that one article is not enough! To achieve top rankings you need to publish many varied articles over time – so keep writing and good luck!
About the Author

Benjamin Wigoder is a part-time webmaster who has proven that anybody can be successful on the web.Visit http://www.benwiggy.com for more info on website building.

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By: Carol Woods
* Are you trying to promote a web site or online store?
* Are you a consultant or small business owner looking for new customers?
* Do you have an e-zine and want new subscribers?Writing articles and sharing them online can be a great way to meet all of these goals!

What to write about:

Before you actually begin writing, get out a piece of paper and write down your goals for the articles. Are you trying to bring business to your online store? Do you want to locate new customers for an offline business? Write down specifically what you hope to accomplish.

Next, write down the type of people who you are seeking. What type of people are most likely to buy from your store, for example? Are they male or female, young or old, parents or single? Write down as many characteristics of your ideal customer as possible.

Then, look at the combination of your objective and your desired customer, and figure out some article topics that would be of interest to a person in your target group.

Heres an example to give you a feel for what Im talking about:

* Goal: bring customers to my online store, which sells birthday items
* Ideal Customer: a mother with children between 1 and 10 who is planning a birthday party for her children in the next few months.
* Topics:

    – How to plan a first birthday party
    – How to plan a childs birthday party
    – Kids parties on a budget
    – Unique party ideas for children
    – How to have a _ birthday party (dressup, zoo animal, etc etc)Write it:

    Now, start writing your articles!

    Pick one of your topics to start. Develop an outline of the topics you want to cover. Dont pick too many; ideally your article will be only about a page in length.

    Write it! Keep it to the point, share as much information as you can, and keep the paragraphs fairly short. When youre finished, have someone else proofread it if possible.

    Finally, develop a short resource box to place at the bottom of all of your articles. This is only 4 – 5 lines, and tells a little about you plus has a link to your web site, an email address, or whatever else you want. If you include some sort of free gift or report for people who click through that will increase your click-through rate.

    For example, here is the one I use:

    Carol Woods is the editor of Work at Home Income, a weekly publication of Income Building Blocks. IBB offers free ideas, information and inspiration for moms who work at home – or want to! For lots of free ideas to help you find a work at home job or start a home based business, visit us at and sign up for Work at Home Income!

    Market it:

    There are 2 components to marketing your article.

    First, post it to online directories that publishers use to locate articles they can print in their publications. The usual arrangement is that you post your article to a database, and the publisher can then reprint your article as long as they include your resource box at the bottom.

    These are the directories I use:

    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aabusiness (if your article is business-related)

    Second, if you have time – do a search for ezines which you think your target customers might read at cumuli, http://www.cumuli.com/ezines/

    Once youve found some appropriate publications, send a copy of your article to the publishers of those ezines to see if they would be interested in including it in their ezine or on their web site.

    Here's where to learn more:

    Netwriting Masters Course: A free 5-day email course. No matter what you sell on the Net… If you want to sell more, write better! Just click and send a blank email to mailto:twmsibb@sitesell.net to receive the course.

    Information Masters Course: A free 5-day email course on writing and selling your own e-book! Just click and send a blank email to mailto:timsibb@sitesell.net to receive the course.

    Ezine Announcer has lots of good information on article marketing; visit them at http://www.income-building-blocks.com/MoreSubs.html
    About the Author

    Carol Woods is the editor of Work at Home Income, a weekly publication of Income
    Building Blocks. IBB offers free ideas, information and inspiration for moms who work
    at home or want to! For lots of free ideas to help you find a work at home job or start
    a home based business, visit us at http://www.income-building-blocks.com and sign up
    for Work at Home Income!

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How I Write Articles For Profit

By: Steve Shaw

 Most Internet marketers worth their salt know how effective articles can be to generate promotion for their web sites. The major problem for many is simply writing the article.
 This article shows you the exact steps I usually take to construct an article to achieve maximum publicity for my web site. By following this model you will be able to do the same quickly and easily.

1. The Big Idea

The very first stage is to get the basic theme of your article. The inspiration for my own articles often comes to me when I am 'switched off' and doing something completely different.

The theme for your article should be closely linked to the theme of your web site, in order to attract targeted prospects.

2. Write The Title And Introduction

At first this is only a rough introductory paragraph or two, and I do not worry too much about the exact wording at this stage. My introductory paragraph(s) simply tell the reader what the article is about. I usually write my first idea of a title for the article at this point too.

3. Sketch Out The Content

I brainstorm the major points I want to cover, and write them down, one after the other. I do not worry about their order, my major concern is getting the ideas in my head down on paper. I may even write down the odd sentence or paragraph to back up each point.

Once I've got the basic outline, I look at the order of the points I am making, switch them around if necessary, and make sure I have written down everything I want to cover.

4. Fill In the Content

This is when the real meat of the article is written.

Each of the points I have briefly written down before need filling in. I need to explain what I mean, and go into further depth.

You should not fill your article with affiliate links to sites you want to promote, nor link to your own web site unless absolutely necessary. Publishers do not like it and many will ignore your article. If you want to link to a quality in-context resource, link to the main web site URL instead. You get ample chance to link to your own web site via the resource box at the end of the article (more details below).

Also do not make any part of your article sound like an advert. Publishers are looking for quality articles that will be appreciated by their subscribers, not solo ads for your web site. You have plenty of room to link to your own web site in the resource box.

For the maximum chance of your article getting published, you are looking at an ideal length of around 800 words. I would also ensure it is not less than 600 words, or more than 1000 words – although I must admit I do occasionally write longer ones.

Remember at first this is just a draft. I never expect it to be perfect straight away – I just get my words down and my points across. Once I have got the main body of the article in place, I go back over it and revise as necessary until I am happy with the content.

5. Write Your Resource Box

Many authors struggle with this part, but there really is no need.

The resource box goes right at the end of your article, and provides some information about the author. Think about the reader of the article – they want to know more about who wrote the article.

I include a bit of information about myself, and provide a link to one of my web sites that has some relevance to the article. Ideally a resource box should be brief and contain just two or three sentences. For an example, see the resource box at the end of this article.

Some authors attempt to cram the resource box with more than one link. Rather than achieving more promotional power from their article, it actually has the reverse effect by turning off the publisher, who may have otherwise published your article, and confusing the reader.

6. Leave It Alone

In my experience, this is the most essential stage. I save my article and leave it completely alone for at least a couple of days. So many people are impatient and do not do this, but I find it to be essential in boosting my chances of publication.

The idea is that you come back to it with completely fresh, but critical, eyes. This works like magic for helping to transform a fairly mediocre article with low chances of publication, to a high quality article that is more likely to get picked up by a large number of publishers and reward you with a flood of publicity.

7. The Final Edit

I open up my article again and read it. I usually spot parts of my article that do not flow very well, paragraphs that can be improved or condensed, sentences with words missing, and typos. This is where I polish up my article and ensure it all flows really well.

I have seen many articles that have obviously never gone through this stage, and they will only have a very slim chance of publication. Some minor editing would have improved them immensely. It really is worth that extra bit of effort to get your article up to scratch, otherwise all your hard work in writing the article will be wasted.

Copyright 2004 Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw works full time online, creating systems and software for effective e-marketing. His popular e-course provides a lot more information on how you can publish articles for profit, including how to submit them to potential publishers for a flood of publicity to your web site:
=> http://www.takanomi.com/publish-articles.php

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How Article Marketing Will Make You a Fortune

By: Jeremy Hoover
Article marketing—the simple act of writing one 400 word article and submitting it to various sites—is the surprise online marketing medium of the past year. For a couple years, new marketers have been advised to promote their businesses by writing and distributing articles.This worked so well that recently article marketing has hit the mainstream. Sites like EzineArticles.com have helped to create perfect conditions for article marketing. Far from being an underground or little noticed way of marketing, article marketing has come into its own as a premier form of marketing.What’s best about this marketing form is that by and large it’s free to use. Simply write an article, do a little research to discover a premium list of article sites and email groups, submit your articles, and you’re done!

But what exactly does article marketing do?

1. Article marketing establishes you as an expert.
Your goal as an article marketer is to write several articles per week (usually 3-5) about the niche target your business serves. At this rate, over the course of a year you will have written between 150-250 articles. By the time you have written this many articles, you will know your subject or niche inside-out, and it will show! Any person who reads one of your articles and finds their way to your other articles or your business site will feel comfortable with you as an expert because of your knowledge.

2. Article marketing helps you rank well with the search engines.
Because you are posting each article on your own website and on numerous other websites, you are providing search engines with a number of paths back to your business site. When the search engines find your main site, they will keep returning. When you continue to update your site, your articles will be indexed, and as more and more searchers find your site via the search engines, your ranking will go up. All these factors help you to place better in the search engines.

3. Article marketing gives you a lot of exposure.
One of the best features of article marketing you want to tap in to comes from the article sites themselves. They exist to allow publishers and webmasters with information for their sites. When a publisher finds your article on such a site, she can reprint your article on her site or in her ezine. This clearly benefits you—the more times your article is reprinted, the more exposure you get.

If you only do one thing to market your business the rest of this year, make sure it is article marketing!

About the AuthorRead Jeremy's marketing blog at http://jhooverwebcopy.blogspot.com, or order articles from him at http://jhooverwebcopy.com.

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12 Top Tips For Up And Coming Article Writers

By: Ken Hill

 1. Make your articles available on your site.

You'll have an easy way to get more sales by showing your visitors that your are an expert on the topic your visitors are interested in.

2. Use lots of white space. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and to the point.

3. Write for your target audience.

You'll have a better chance of attracting people to your site that are interested in purchasing your products.

4. Use numbered lists.

Your numbered lists will help you to effectively share your tips with your readers while making your article easy to read.

Use your numbered lists to share points on your article's topic, list your directions when writing a how to article, or to deliver the content of your article if you wanted to write a list article.

You can also use numbered lists to share resources related to what you talk about in your article along with your descriptions of those resources.

5. Use the active voice.

With the active voice the subject does the action while with the passive voice the subject receives the action expressed by the verb.

For instance:

Active voice: The dog bit the mailman. Passive voice: The mailman was bitten by the dog.

Use the active voice to keep your sentences from being awkward or confusing and to liven up your article.

6. Make your writing more personal by using the word "you" a lot within your article.

A simple way to accomplish this is to write your article to one person.

You'll naturally use the word "you" a lot within your article, and your readers will feel like you're talking directly to them.

7. Don't be afraid to share your personality with your readers.

You could inject a little bit of humor into your article, or share an opinion, story or anecdote that relates to the topic of your article.

8. Offer a subscription to your e-zine or a freebie in your resource box.

Writing articles will help you to get your site promoted on relevant sites and e-zines at no cost to you.

Maximize the profit you get from writing your articles by giving your readers a subscription to your e-zine, or a freebie that they'll find valuable enough to go back to again and again.

9. Once you've written your article, wait a couple of days, and then reread your article.

You might be able to add new points that you might have missed before, add more detail to information you covered in your article, or reword parts of your article that are unclear.

10. Use current topics whether online or in the "real world" to get ideas for your articles.

Your articles will be cutting edge and newsworthy, and will have an excellent chance of being published by e-zine publishers and webmasters.

11. Always check and double-check your articles for errors.

Use your spell checker and go over your articles for words you might have omitted, run-on sentences and for faulty punctuation.

Also look for words used incorrectly; for instance, if you used "effect" when you should have used "affect" or if you used "there" when you should have used "their."

12. Submit your articles to article directories, article announcement lists, and to e-zine publishers.

Your submissions, although time consuming if done manually, will help you to successfully get your articles published.

Be sure to submit your articles to my article directory at http://www.netpromarketer.com and to visit http://www.netpromarketer.com/directoriesandlists.html where you'll find a list of article directories and article announcement lists.

For a handy listing of e-zine publishers that want article submissions check out http://www.ezinelocater.com.

Also search other e-zine directories for publishers that want article submissions and submit your articles to e-zines that you are subscribed to that accept article submissions from their subscribers.

Article by writer, Ken Hill. Save loads of time promoting your articles with this powerful, promotional tool for e-zine publishers and article writers. Learn more at: http://www.scstats.com/r.cfm?i=4604.

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Is it possible to make a million dollars using only articles?

By: Christopher Kyalo

Here are two questions I get asked a lot about free articles as marketing tools. Do articles really work in generating leads and bringing in business?Can somebody make a million dollars by using only articles to promote their business?

Interestingly I get asked these questions by people who have heard about my services through one of my articles they came across. I am sure because there is no other form of marketing that I use. You would think that the fact that they got to hear about me and my services through the articles, in the first place, would give them a little more faith in this powerful form of online marketing and make them a little more confident.

Actually it is not that surprising when you consider that most people can hardly remember how they first came across a web site or business online.

While it is true that I stay in one of the less costly cities of the world (albeit away from my home country), I still have to support a wife, two children and a grandson. And I do it all from my online business.

You should also know that my income and leads generated through articles has been consistently growing at an increasing rate. That makes perfect sense because the facts are that as you increase the number of articles you have posted online and as the viral effect of your better articles getting re-posted all over the net takes place, the number of people exposed to your hybrid ads (that is exactly what articles posted on the net really are) increases dramatically. The inevitable affect of this is that you will get more leads and more business.

So the answer to the first question is YES.

The answer to the second question is also an emphatic YES. But I hasten to add that you will have to work very hard to reach that figure.

You will have to work very hard on the quality of your articles. And you will also have to be focused and focus all your articles, like a laser beam on a single subject, business and web site that you want to generate a million dollars for you.

For your articles to be really effective, they should strive to solve some pressing problem among your target market.
About the AuthorChristopher Kyalo is a writer/marketing expert who makes money online only by posting free articles. Get his free course at bizboom@freeautobot.com and visit his blog http://big-online-story.blogspot.com. He can be reached at strongwallafrica at yahoo.com.

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