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Broad Band Phones, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

By: yourbizpal Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Phones are referred to as just Broadband Phones.
VOIP Broad Band phones are products of revolutionary technology that can change the entire way people speak to each other around the world. The main function of a Broad Band phone using VOIP is to convert voice data (analog) into digital data for transmission over the Internet. They are connected to through computers the high speed Internet to enable voice communication.

By this innovation, VOIP Broad Band Phones have turned Internet into a carrier for free phone calls, by going around the normal phone companies. There are a few VOIP service providers who are growing by the day now, and major phone companies are busy setting up shop in various markets around the world with different calling plans with free VOIP Broad Band phones bundled in. FCC and other regulatory bodies all over the world are fervently busy investigating and predicting the ramifications and future risks in usage of VOIP Broad Band phones and their prevention.

We will look into the basic technology of VOIP Broad Band phones working and it is potential in replacing the traditional phone systems.

The most intriguing feature of VOIP Broad Band phones is that they look just like their predecessors with cradle, buttons and handsets. Normal telephone´s are connected to wall sockets using a RJ-11 connector, whereas VOIP Broad Band phone is connected to your computer or router using a RJ-45 connector. All VOIP Broad Band phones come with pre-loaded software to handle any IP calls. Technology is already moving towards Wi-Fi VIOP Broad Band phones, which can used to make calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot. Are you thinking of replacing your cellular phone?

In addition to usage of VIOP Broad Band phones, VOIP can also use ATA sets i.e. simple telephone like boxes that connect to your computer and convert your analog voice data into digital signals. VOIP also connects computer-to-computer calls where you do not need any extra hardware apart from a standard computer system with headphone and Internet connection. Except for what you pay for your Internet connection, there is no extra cost involved in both these options. VOIP Broad Band phones are dedicated instruments used only for making calls over VOIP.

If you want to have a go at VOIP Broad Band phones features, you can sample the free versions on the Internet to check out connectivity and sound quality. Once place I can suggest is the latest version of Yahoo Messenger Version 7.0 that is Voice enabled. You can make computer-to-computer calls using yahoo messenger. It is very easy to implement, just try it out. One other place you could take a look at, is VOIP Broad Band phones are certainly here to stay despite the Internet sops and other devices available.Article Source:


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